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[RIMINI, 24 to 30 August 2014]
To His Excellency
Mons. Francesco Lambiasi
Bishop of Rimini

Your Excellency,
at the XXXV Meeting for friendship among peoples , I am pleased to convey to you, the organizers, the volunteers and all those who will participate in the cordial greetings and the blessing of His Holiness Pope Francis, along with my personal desire of all good for this important initiative.
The theme chosen for this year - Towards the margins of the world and of existence - echoes a constant solicitude of the Holy Father. Since its episcopate in Buenos Aires, he realized that the "suburbs" are not just places, but also and above all people, as said in your speech during the general congregations before the conclave: "The Church is called to come out of itself and to go to the suburbs, not just geographical ones, but also those existential those of the mystery of sin, pain, injustice, ignorance and the absence of faith, those of thought, that of all forms of misery "(9 March 2013).

So Papa Francesco thanked the leaders of the Meeting to have accepted and spread His invitation to walk in this perspective. A Church "output" is the only possible according to the Gospel; it shows the life of Jesus, who went from village to village proclaiming the kingdom of God, and sent his disciples ahead of him. For this reason the Father sent him into the world.
Fate did not leave man alone is the second part of the theme of the Meeting : an expression of the Servant of God Fr Luigi Giussani, who reminds us that the Lord has not abandoned us to ourselves, has not forgotten us. In ancient times chose one man, Abraham, and put him on a journey to the land that he had promised. And in the fullness of time he chose a young woman, the Virgin Mary, to become flesh and come to dwell among us. Nazareth was really an insignificant village, an "edge" on both political and religious; but God has looked right there, to fulfill his plan of mercy and faithfulness.

The Christian is not afraid to decentralize, to go to the suburbs, because it has its center in Jesus Christ. He frees us from fear; we can advance in his company safe anywhere, even through the dark moments of life, knowing that wherever we go, the Lord always before us with his grace, and our joy is to share with others the good news that He is with we will. The disciples of Jesus, after completing a mission, they returned enthusiastic about the successes. But Jesus said to them, "But do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you; rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven "( Lk  10.20 to 21). Are we not to save the world, it is only God who saves him.
The men and women of our time are at great risk of experiencing a sadness individualistic, isolated in the midst of a quantity of consumer goods, from which, however, many remain excluded. Often prevail lifestyles that lead to put their hope in economic security or power or success purely ground. Even Christians run this risk. "It's obvious - the Holy Father states - which in some places has produced a" desertification "spiritual fruit of the project companies that want to build without God" (ibid., N. Evangelii gaudium , 86) . But this should not discourage us, as we recalled Benedict XVI inaugurated the Year of Faith: "In the desert you return to discover the value of what is essential to life; so in today's world there are countless signs, often manifested in the form implied or negative, the thirst for God, the ultimate meaning of life. And in the desert there is particularly in need of people of faith who, with their own life, can point the way to the promised land, and so keep hope alive "( Homily at the Mass of the opening of the Year of Faith , October 11, 2012 ).
Pope Francis invites us to collaborate, even with the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples , this back to basics, which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "Christians have a duty to proclaim without excluding anyone, not as one who imposes a new obligation, but rather as people who share a joy, signals a beautiful horizon, offers a banquet desirable. The Church does not grow to proselytize but "attraction" "( Evangelii gaudium , 14 ), that is, "through a personal testimony, a story, a gesture, or form that the same Holy Spirit can inspire in a practical situation" ( ibid . , 128 ).

The Holy Father points to the leaders and participants of the Meeting two special attention.
First, invites you to never lose touch with reality, or rather, to be lovers of reality. This is also part of Christian witness: in the presence of a dominant culture that gives top priority to the appearance, what is superficial and temporary, the challenge is to choose to love and reality. Don Giussani has left a legacy as a program of life when he stated: "The only condition to be always and truly religious life is always intensely real. The formula for the meaning of reality is to live the real no holds barred, that is, without denying and forgetting anything. It would not be human, that is reasonable, considering the limited experience to its surface, at the crest of its wave, without descending into the depths of his motion "( The Religious Sense , p. 150).

In addition, calls to keep his eyes fixed on the essentials. The most serious problems, in fact, arise when the Christian message is identified with secondary issues that do not express the heart of the ad. In a world in which, after two thousand years, Jesus has returned to being a stranger in too many countries of the West, "it pays to be realistic and do not assume that our interlocutors know the full background of what we say or they can connect our discussion with the core of the Gospel that gives it meaning, beauty and attractiveness "( Evangelii gaudium , 34 )

For this reason, a world in rapid transformation so asks Christians to be willing to seek forms or ways to communicate in a language understandable to the perennial newness of Christianity. Again, be realistic. "Many times it is better to slow down the pace, put away the anxiety to look into my eyes and listen, or give to the urgent needs to accompany those left at the roadside" ( ibid. , 46).
His Holiness offers these reflections as a contribution to the week of the Meeting , to all those who participate, in particular managers, organizers and speakers who come from the suburbs of the world and of existence to testify that God the Father does not abandon his children . The Pope hopes that many can relive the experience of the first disciples of Jesus, who, meeting him on the bank of the Jordan, were heard to ask: "What do you seek?". May this question of Jesus always accompany the journey of all who visit the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples .
While asks us to pray for him and for his ministry, Francis Pope invokes the maternal protection of the Virgin Mother and the heart sends to Your Excellency and to the entire community of the Meeting Apostolic Blessing.

In pray Your Excellency to ensure even my personal wish, take this opportunity to confirm with distinct treat
Your Excellency Excellency
most devoted Pietro Card. Parolin

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Xaviervani - ઝેવિયરવાણી August 2014

Xaviervani is a news letter of St. Xavier's Parish Gamdi-Anand.

Please click on the below given image to read the August 2014 news letter

ઝેવિયરવાણી સંત ઝેવિયર્સ  ચર્ચ  ગામડી-આણંદ તાબાનું મુખપત્ર છે.  
ઓગષ્ટ  મહિનાનો અંક વાંચવા માટે નીચે આપેલ ફોટા ઉપર ક્લિક કરશો.

સૌજન્ય:   સંત ઝેવિયર્સ  ચર્ચ  ગામડી-આણંદ

RIP - Ignas S. Macwan died in Hinduja Hospital - Khar - Mumbai

Late Ignas S. Macwan
Mr. Ignas S. Macwan died in Hinduja Hospital - Khar - Mumbai on 23-08-2014. 

He was born in July 1933, and studied in St. Stanislaus - Mumbai. He became the Prothonotary Master (Highest non judiciary position) at Bombay High Court.

The funeral prayer took place in Bandra and was buried at St. Peter's Cemetery at Mahalaxi, Mumbai on 24-08-2014.

The prayer service will be held at Navchetan Building, Bandara on Wednesday, 27th August 2014.

And at Mogri (Anand) on Sunday 31st August at 10 am.

Address:  Prathmesh, Divya Darshan Society, Jitodiya Road, Mogri - Gujarat.

- Mr. William Prakash 

The below given photos were clicked by BBN last year at Mogri - Gujarat. The last two funeral photos clicked at St. Peter's Cemetery at Mahalaxi, Mumbai by Mr. William Prakash

Please click on the link for more Photos

 - BBN

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dharmsetu - ધર્મસેતુ - August -2014

Please click on the below given image to read Dharmsetu - August - 2014

ધર્મસેતુ - ઓગષ્ટ -2014 અંક વાંચવા માટે નીચે આપેલ ફોટા ઉપર કરશો.

 Dharmsetu August 2014

Twenty First Sunday of the Year A - 24 August 2014

Even today Jesus asks us Christians the same question  he one day put his disciples: “and you, who do you say I am?” He does not ask us only so as to have us declare what  we think about his mysterious identity, but also so that we make up our minds about our relationship with him. What answer can we give him from within our communities? Have we come to know Jesus increasingly better, or do we have him “eternally depicted in our usual old boring sketches”? Are we living communities, seeking always to place Jesus in the centre of our lives and our activities, or do we live stagnated in routine and mediocrity? Do we love Jesus passionately or has he become for us a worn out personality whom we keep on invoking while indifference and only occasional remembrance keep growing in our hearts? Do people who come into contact with our communities feel the force and attractiveness he has for us?

Do we feel ourselves disciples of Jesus? Are we learning to live life the way he lived it in the midst of modern
society, or do we allow ourselves to be dragged along by any tempting slogan that catches our fancy? It is the same to us to live any way we please, or have we turned our community into a school to learn to live like Jesus?

Are we learning to regard life the way Jesus looked at it? Do our communities regard the needy and excluded sectors of society with compassion and responsibility, or do we enclose ourselves in our festivities, indifferent to the suffering of the most underprivileged and forgotten: those that were always the beloved of Jesus? Are we following Jesus by collaborating with him in the humanizing project of the Father, or do we continue to think that the most important task of Christianity is to be worried exclusively about our salvation? Are we convinced that the way to follow Jesus is to live each day making life more human and happy for all?

Do we live Sundays as Christians by celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, or do we organize our weekends
devoid of any Christian meaning? Have we learnt to find Jesus in the silence of our hearts, or do we feel our faith dying out, drowned in the noise and the emptiness there is within us?

Do we believe in the Risen Jesus who journeys with us full of life? Do we live in our communities being filled
with the peace he left his followers as a legacy? Do we believe that Jesus loves us with an endless love? Do we believe in his power to renew us? Do we have it in us to become witnesses of the mystery of hope we carry in our hearts?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Environmental Awareness program - Gamdi - Anand

SFPY (St. Francis Parish Youth Group) organized an Environmental Awareness program yesterday 18-08-2014 at St. Xavier Church Gamdi - Anand. 

Rt. Bishop Thomas Macwan visited the exhibition prepared by the youth. A lot of people bought the plants to grow the green world. The activity was a message for better green world for better rain, better environment.

Photos and news by Taral Parmar BBN

The Salesians of the Gujarat region launch the bi-centenary of the birth of Don Bosco

 Don Bosco must have been rejoicing in heaven on 16 August, his birthday, because it was celebrated with the type of boys he loved most – the poor, the rejects, the ones who have been hurt most by society namely the street boys. Because of Don Bosco’s immense love for boys who lived on the streets, the inauguration of the bi-centenary year of his birth, was held at Don Bosco Snehalaya, Baroda which is a home where street children are helped to get back into the mainstream. The 16th of August, the birthday of Don Bosco, is also the day when we celebrate the birthday of all the boys in the home since almost all of them don’t even know when they were born.

The Salesian Fathers together with the different congregations of sisters and the Salesian Co- operators, who are guided by Don Bosco’s spirit and driven by his mission gathered to celebrate this event and to recommit themselves to working for the mission of Don Bosco. It was family affair where the members of the Salesian family gathered around the spiritual father of the diocese, Rt. Rev. Godfrey D’Rosario.

The Eucharist was considered by Don Bosco to be one of the pillars of his system and so the celebrations began with the celebration of the Eucharist presided over by the Bishop of Baroda, who in his homily compared Don Bosco to great visionaries who not only dreamt great dreams but with God’s help brought them to fruition. While praising the Salesians for all that they had achieved so far, he invited all the members of the great Salesian family to work towards continuing Don Bosco’s work and thus bring his dream to fulfillment. He also stressed that to do this we would have to become men and women of faith like Don Bosco, seeing God’s directing hand in every work and every moment of our lives.

The standard of the programme that followed, though short was really excellent and Bishop himself said so repeatedly. Many in the audience remarked that it was a pity more people were not invited, such was the quality of the items put up by the Don Bosco institutions of Baroda, Snehalya, Kawant and Chhotaudepur.

The high point of the programme was the release of the new magazine in Gujarati meant especially for the young, “BOSCO-G” prepared by a team comprising of Fr. Charles, Fr. Ashwin, Fr. Mayank and Fr. Jerome. The Bishop also released a booklet with three sets of novena prayers in honour of Don Bosco. This was crowned with a short video clip on the profession of faith in the Salesian mission followed by a personal commitment to the same mission by the Fathers, Sisters and Salesian Co-operators. They committed themselves to growing in love for and knowledge of Don Bosco, to being led by him, imitating him and becoming like him a saint, father, teacher and friend – a friend whose love young people see and experience.

The whole function ended with a grand fellowship meal that was enlivened by friendly conversation, laughter and joy after which we bade farewell to each other confirmed in our vocation to work for “poor and abandoned youth”

Teachers seminar was organized at Mariyampura

Teachers seminar was organized at Mariyampura Petlad deanary on this Monday 18-08-2014 by the Parish youth and Rev. Fr Francisrex Parmar and Rev. Fr Vikram Mahida . Around 150 teachers joined the seminar. 

Respected Mr. Ratilal Borisagar, a well known writer, was called who addressed the gathered teachers He said that the value system of Jesus Christ 'Love and Peace' is to developed in every teacher for better world tomorrow.

Respected Mr. Pravin Pravashi was also invited to share his ideas about the duty of a teacher as a Catholic. 

It was really a successful program. 

All credit goes to Rev. Fr. Francisrex Parmar and Fr. Vikram Maida for organising such a knowledgeable seminar for the teachers.

Please click for more Photos:


Anathoni Mata Scholarship was distributed at Khambhodaj

From Left: Rev. Fr. Arul, Rev. Fr. Anthonyraj and Rev. Fr. Bipin 

 Anathoni Mata Scholarship was distributed on Sunday in Khambhodaj. This Scholarship is the first Scholarship in Ahmedabad Diocese that covers the students from 10th and 12th  standard  from the whole diocese.  Over 150 students were given the scholarship with certificates at Khambhodaj.

 Rev. Fr. Arul the parish priest and Rev. Fr. Bipin (APP) worked hard to collect financial support for the scholarship.

 Rev. Fr. Arul said that this scholarship is to encourage our students for further and better education so that the young students may do well for the family and for the society. Rev. Fr. Bipin encouraged the students and parents by saying that the students are the future church and we all need to encourage in education and spirituality.

 Rev. Fr. Anthony Raj ( the principal of St. Xavier's School - Umreth) was the chief guest for the program. He donated Rs.11 thousands for next year Scholarship. He said that today the world is full of competitions. Our students have to go for higher education now. He also gave 3 computers for the Khambhodaj school.

 The staff and the parish council members of Khambhodaj Church were the people who organized this successful program on Sunday.

Please click the below given link for more photos

- Vijay BBN

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Suppression of the Society & its restoration

Please click on the video

Suppression of the Society & its restoration

 In my humble opinion, the main reason behind the suppression of the Society of Jesus was that it (i.e. the Jesuits) was a disturbing element everywhere in the society around. They were as we would say now a days: ‘whistle-blowers’. It was because of this that they were inviting trouble, opposition and persecution, which by the way, according to St Ignatius, is the sure sign that the Society is moving in the right direction.
 There was hardly a day in Gandhiji’s life when he was not involved in any ‘satyagraha’, small or big. Unfortunately, his followers, the Gandhians abandoned his ‘sangharshatmak’ activities (satyagrahas) and opted for ‘rachnatmak’ (non-disturbing) activities. As a result they have now become sterile and totally ineffective.

 The Jesuits in India while they are reflecting now on this historic event in order to derive some fruit from it have much to learn from this. They should find out whether they are also disturbing elements or simply carrying out their myriad charitable activities (‘rachnatmak’) peacefully without, causing any disturbance anywhere. At least a dozen whistle blowers have been murdered by now proving that whistle-blowing is very effective! There is a vast scope for us to be ‘whistle-blowers’ in the country plagued by wide spread corruption and other evils whose first and immediate victims are the poor and the marginalized. 

Recently the Govt has decided to amend the ‘The Land Acquisition Act’ which will mostly benefit the corporate and deprive the poor of their daily bread. Have the Jesuits any role to play here? Then there are other issues that also adversely affect the poor and the marginalized: e.gr. The oppressive caste system, untouchability, gender discrimination; money and muscle power during elections etc.  Have we any role to play here?

 We are very much aware of the power of the media, especially its role in creating public opinion. There is no dirth of media gadgets with us. For what are we using them? And do we make use of our own media centres as well as that of secular media for this? What is our role regarding the implementation of RTI, RTE and RTF, which are very powerful means to better the lot of the poor and the marginalized?

William Macwan, S.J.     ASHADEEP, Vidyanagar (Gujarat)

Friday, August 15, 2014

History of the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 The feast is celebrated every year on 15th of August. The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorates the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into Heaven, before her body could begin to decay--a foretaste of our own bodily resurrection at the end of time. Because it signifies the Blessed Virgin's passing into eternal life, it is the most important of all Marian feasts and a Holy Day of Obligation.

History of the Assumption:

The Feast of the Assumption is a very old feast of the Church, celebrated universally by the sixth century. The feast was originally celebrated in the East, where it is known as the Feast of the Dormition, a word which means "the falling asleep." The earliest printed reference to the belief that Mary's body was assumed into Heaven dates from the fourth century, in a document entitled "The Falling Asleep of the Holy Mother of God." The document is written in the voice of the Apostle John, to whom Christ on the Cross had entrusted the care of His mother, and recounts the death, laying in the tomb, and assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Tradition variously places Mary's death at Jerusalem or at Ephesus, where John was living.

Important Information
 Date Of  the Feast: August 15.
 Type of Feast: Solemnity; Holy Day of Obligation. (For more details, see Is Assumption a Holy Day of Obligation?
 Readings: Revelation 11:19a, 12:1-6a, 10ab; Psalm 45:10, 11, 12, 16; 1 Corinthians 15:20-27; Luke 1:39-56 (full text here)
 Prayers: The Hail Mary
 Other Names for the Feast: The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; The Assumption of Mary Into Heaven; The Dormition of the Theotokos; The Falling Asleep of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Source: catholicism.about.com/

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