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Christmas Carnival at St. Xavier’s, Mirzapur....

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The concept of Mega Christmas Carnival of 2014 around the Ahmedabad city was the dream project that evolved in the Principal Rev. Fr. Titus’ mind immediately after the small Christmas budding venture initiated in December, 2013 from St. Xavier’s Mirzapur School premises, across the Siddi Saiyed Mosque, Lal Darwaja and back to school.

After Annual Fests and the Grand Parents’ Day in December 2014, the Principal’s office buzzed with activities preparing for another Megha event, the Christmas Carnival 2014.

The Planning of the Carnival route, personal invitations to the honorable revered head Priests of different religions, the Special Chief Guest, Minaxi Patel, the Mayor of Ahmedabad City, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporators, inviting School Principals of Sister concern to join, and also the Adivasi group of Dancers, acquiring permission of the Police Commissioner and of course, the DJs, photographers and the Media.... everything was accomplished immediately before 23rd December, 2014, the destined for the vibrant Christmas Carnival.

After a mock-drill of the Carnival settings on 22nd December, 2014, the Xaviers’ Parivar was under a wave of excitement. On 23rd December dawn, the students of Std. 8 to 12 were busily engaged in decorating their jeeps and the Camel carts. The students in their uniforms with the Santa Caps captured and spread joyous mood of the festivity. The procession was to start at 8.15 a.m.

At 8.00 a.m. after the prayers in their classes, the students of Std. 1 to 7 gathered on the Basket ball grounds, while the students of Std. 8 to 12 assembled den wise before the Church in the order of threes. The Municipal Corporator, other religious leaders, Fathers, Sisters all awaited patiently on the Church platform for the arrival of His Lordship, the Bishop Thomas Macwan, The Swami Adhyatmanandaji and the Honorable Mayor Minaxi Patel, the Chief Guest of the function. Mrs Sheetal, our Higher Secondary Teacher was the Main Conductor of the event on the stage.
At last the 3 dignitaries arrived. Along with the Principal Fr. Titus and Vice Principal Ms. Unwala, the flag bearers escorted the Dignitaries towards the stage, to hoist the School Flag and the 4 Den Flags. They were invited on the stage by a welcome Speech by Mrs. Sheetal. After introductory speech the Bishop and the Swamiji were felicitated with the garlands by Fr. Titus and Ms. Unwala offered a bouquet of flowers to the Chief Guest Minaxiben. Everyone cheered to welcome them. His Lordship Bishop Thomas was then invited to Bless the Holy procession with his prayers. The Hon. Swamiji and the Hon. Mayor gave their inspiring message for the occasion. The audience appreciated and applauded the gesture. After this, the Mayor waved the Green Flag to start off the Carnival. The Media then interviewed the 3 dignitaries.
With a loud cheer and applaud the procession began, lead by 10 Bullet Bikers along with the Flag bearers on the pillion, in pairs. Then the camel cart of Mount Carmel School, Navrangpura proceeded with the live Christmas Tableau representing Baby Jesus’ birth event in the manger. The next 2 carts from Carmel Cote and St. Xavier’s Hansol depicted the arrival of the Shepherds and the 3 Kings with their gifts for the Prince of Peace. Following them was the specially decorated jeep in which the Hon. Swamiji and Rev. Fr. Seby, with His Lordship the Bishop entered to join the procession. The DJ’s jeep followed after the Lions Den and the Tiger’s Den Started their march along with the Principal Fr. Titus and Fr. Arthur. The Panthers and the Bears Den groups joined after them and other decorated Carts and Jeep and DJ’s truck playing charming carols. Their tunes enticed not only the Xavierites but also the city public on the route to dance and enjoy with ardent zeal. There were Lady Teachers and Masters in their Cars along with the police protection to take care of the students on the long route, selected to move around the city covering Delhi Chakla, Income Tax Circle, Ashram Road, Nehru Bridge, Siddi Saiyed Mosque and back to Mirzapur School Campus.

The most memorable part of the Carnival was the Adivasi (Tribal) Dancers, who along with the people of all castes and creed in the procession and on the roadsides, who unitedly geared up with carols and dances, capturing the Spirit of Christmas in total joy and enthusiasm. Everyone unanimously congratulated Fr. Titus for creating this effect in the hearts of the people by setting up this Grand Carnival.

They returned to the school at 10.45 a.m. The Primary students and staff cheered for them. Though tired, everyone felt the joy and excitement of their successful venture of Noel. The Adivasi troupe continued their performance in the School campus, by whirling the coconuts and saucers in the air, and cracking them with their heads while dancing. The students were thrilled by the show. Their dances reached the peak with the latest songs played by the DJ. At 11.35 a.m. the Adivasis and the DJs left and the students returned to their classes hungry as ever, to enjoy the Christmas Party and games prepared for them by their classmates who could not join the Carnival.

The carol singing competition on 22nd Dec. for 5 to 8, Fancy dress contests from KG to 4 on 18th and 19th Dec and of course the Live Crib by KG tinny tots and Live Christmas Tree Decor by Std. 8 to 12 were the highlights of the festive season at St. Xavier’s Mirzapur along with the Grand Finale – The Christmas Celebration on Christmas Eve, full of Carols, Messages, Christmas Tableau and Dance performances proved the height of excitements at the year end of 2014 to welcome the New Year 2015 with Best wishes, full of love, joy and peace for everyone around.

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Christmas Carnival 2014

01. When - 23rd December, 2014
02. What - Christmas Carnival – 2014.
03. Why

(i) To spread the message of Joy and Peace of Child Jesus  to the neighborhood.
(ii) Christmas is an occasion that we proclaim to the world that God loved the world so much that he gave His only Son.

(iii) Christmas is not just for Christians but it is for all humanity, that is to say in St. Paul’s language that Jesus not only came for the Jews but also for Gentiles.

04. How - (i) St. Xavier’s Mirzapur having kept in mind the “Why” of Christmas Carnival, invited other 
schools like Mount Carmel, Convent, Navrangpura, St. Xavier’s, Hansol and Mount Carmel Cote, Khanpur.

(ii) Also invited the religious Heads of other Faiths.
(iii) The first citizen of Ahmedabad city, Mrs. Minaxi Patel, The Mayor of Ahmedabad was also invited.
(iv) 15 Bullet Bikers followed by 6 camel cars, 5 open jeeps, 2 DJ vans, troupe of Afro Indians and about 1500 Peace lovers made up the procession.

St. Xavier’s Mirzapur was happy at the end to see that the message of Child Jesus was warmly welcomed in the city of Ahmedabad. Principal Fr. Titus D’Costa said that Christmas Carnival will be a yearly feature.

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